Our new issue at the RHJ: Life-Affirmative Struggles for Home Across Borders

We just published a new issue in the Radical Housing Journal! Read it by clicking on the title below.

Life-Affirmative Struggles for Home Across Borders

Issue 5.1 of the Radical Housing Journal (RHJ) examines the current state of struggles for housing and home amidst capital-accumulation-induced urban restructuring worldwide. The authors discuss the enduring impact of settler colonialism on land and housing rights, particularly for Indigenous peoples. Feminist, queer, and trans perspectives are brought to the forefront, emphasizing the leadership roles played by marginalized communities in housing justice struggles. The issue showcases the important contributions of Black women, women of color, and queer activists in fighting for housing justice and challenging oppressive power structures. Additionally, this issue presents alternatives to the current dangerous status quo, urging us to envision radical futures where humanity respects ecological limits, ensures universal access to resources, and grants autonomy in their utilization. It envisions a world where housing is available to all, allowing individuals to choose their desired living arrangements. The ‘Pursuing Tenant International: Learning from the Struggles in Abya Yala’ conversation series further amplifies the voices of tenants, organizers, activists, artists, and thinkers engaged in cross-border struggles. These conversations shed light on the challenges faced by communities fighting for their right to home and dignified living conditions in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Edited by Ana Vilenica, Aysegul Can, Derick Anderson, Erin McElroy, Judith Keller, Mara Ferreri, Melora Koepke, Samantha Thompson and myself.


Issue 3.1 of the Radical Housing Journal out now!

Our fifth issue of the Radical Housing Journal is now out.

Featuring 300+ pages of outstanding content, including 2 special issues, & southern conversations on housing/COVID in Lagos, Jakarta, Argentina, Manila, Lebanon & Brazil

Peer-reviewed, open-source: grab it here!

This is the result of a year-long collective work (much work!) by the following group of editors: Ana Vilenica Erin MC EL Alejandra Reyes, Hung-Ying Chen, Samantha Thompson, Solange Muñoz & yours truly.

The Issue 3.1 Editorial team would like to extend special thanks to the RHJ copy-editing team, Melissa García, Andrea Gibbons, Samantha Thompson and Solange Munoz, and to Felicia Berryessa-Erich for wonderful cover design, as well as for setting up the website together with Mara Ferreri, and Camila Cociña for the layout of the articles.

Our Editorial: https://radicalhousingjournal.org/2021/editorial-3/

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RHJ Issue 2.1 out now: The renewed ‘crisis’: Housing struggle before and after the pandemic

After a year of work, Issue 2.1 of the Radical Housing Journal is out now. Titled: “The renewed ‘crisis’: Housing struggle before and after the pandemic”, peer-reviewed & open-source, accessible here: https://radicalhousingjournal.org/issue/2-1/

Highlights include:

– The first paper by the Editorial Collective on “Covid-19 and housing struggles: The (re)makings of austerity, disaster capitalism, and the no return to normal

– Five long-reads, peer-reviewed, papers, covering struggles from a number of geographies and topics including #gentrification #RefugeeHousing #asylumseekers #HosuingJustice. Our peer review system is very strict, including academic & activists reviewers in the process

– Two great conversations:
(i) one around housing struggles in Romania and CEE, with our comrades Frontul Comun pentru Dreptul la Locuire and
Căși sociale ACUM / Social housing NOW

(ii) the other with the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing, the amazing Raquel Rolnik. “Building territories to protect life and not profit. The RHJ in conversation with Raquel Rolnik” – a must-read

– Eight updates from several geographies, including one written by our friends at the Institute on Inequality and Democracy in LA, one on a global on-line conversation covering Covid-19/housing, & reviews, one of the Push film

Issue 2.1 is edited by myself, Ana Vilenica, Erin MC EL, Alejandra Reyes, Claire Bowan, and Elana Eden.

For all of us, doing this issue meant to prioritize collective work instead of individual papers, or manuscript writing.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.


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Radical Housing Journal – first Call for Papers



I am, together with a collective of 14 people spread around the world, launching the first call for papers for a new publication called the Radical Housing Journal. This is a horizontally managed, feminist and anti-racist publication aimed at academics and activists working around the fight for the right to housing worldwide. The CfP is reported below attached and you can read our manifesto at www.radicalhousingjournal.org

Please share this information with your colleagues and with non-academic activists that may be interested in this project. We are looking for 500 words abstracts by the 5th of March and that contributions are paid for and peer-reviewed.


RHJ – Call for Papers Issue 1

The RHJ is an orientation, a praxis for doing research and action. It seeks to critically intervene in pre and post-crisis housing experiences and activist strategies from around the world without being confined to the strict dogmatism of academic knowledge production. Check out our Manifesto at www.radicalhousingjournal.org.

500 words abstract by the 5th of March 2018 at collective@radicalhousingjournal.org

All contributors will receive a compensation for their work (£50 per article)

The first issue of the RHJ will focus on practices and theories of organising around housing struggles that have emerged post-2008. Conscious of the fact that the 2008 crisis did not impact in the same way everywhere, we invite contributions addressing how, in the last ten years, organising and activism have changed both locally and globally. What did that crisis bring to the fore and how have activists worldwide responded to it? How do those responses relate to older mobilizations, and what emerges as different? How can resistance be theorized today, and what can theory do for the future of housing struggles? We invite theoretical and empirical pieces, focusing on specific cases or speculative in nature.

The RHJ is structured around four sections.

The first two host substantive original works and are blind peer reviewed (by one academic and one activist non-academic).  The other two – conversations and updates – are not peer-reviewed.

The long read  / Focus on critical analysis and theory-making

MAX 8,000 words per article, including references, excluding pictures

We welcome papers on theorising resistance and activism in the post-2008 worldwide, being they driven by speculative, case-specific or comparative arguments. Papers should aim for theoretical innovation and conceptual finesse.

Retrospectives  / Focus on specific cases, histories, actions

MAX 8,000 words per article, including references, excluding pictures

This section welcomes papers that are oriented at reconstructing, in details, particular histories of movements, organisations and/or actions in the post-2008 scenario worldwide.  Paper should aim for historical rigour and depth.

Conversations  / Reflections from the field of action and organisation

MAX 6,000 words per intervention

Debate-like pieces, written collectively, to reflect on specific actions and strategies. We welcome reflection on the challenges of particular organising approaches and practices.

Updates  / Reviews, provocations, updates on actions

MAX 1,500 words per text

We welcome reviews of books, films & more; and updates on current actions.


Deadline for 500 words abstracts: 5th of March 2018

Response to authors: by mid-March 2018 // First draft of papers by: 2nd July 2018

In a .docx file, write your name, institution or group affiliation, email, title, 500 words abstract, six keywords and submit to  collective@radicalhousingjournal.org