Our new issue at the RHJ: Life-Affirmative Struggles for Home Across Borders

We just published a new issue in the Radical Housing Journal! Read it by clicking on the title below.

Life-Affirmative Struggles for Home Across Borders

Issue 5.1 of the Radical Housing Journal (RHJ) examines the current state of struggles for housing and home amidst capital-accumulation-induced urban restructuring worldwide. The authors discuss the enduring impact of settler colonialism on land and housing rights, particularly for Indigenous peoples. Feminist, queer, and trans perspectives are brought to the forefront, emphasizing the leadership roles played by marginalized communities in housing justice struggles. The issue showcases the important contributions of Black women, women of color, and queer activists in fighting for housing justice and challenging oppressive power structures. Additionally, this issue presents alternatives to the current dangerous status quo, urging us to envision radical futures where humanity respects ecological limits, ensures universal access to resources, and grants autonomy in their utilization. It envisions a world where housing is available to all, allowing individuals to choose their desired living arrangements. The ‘Pursuing Tenant International: Learning from the Struggles in Abya Yala’ conversation series further amplifies the voices of tenants, organizers, activists, artists, and thinkers engaged in cross-border struggles. These conversations shed light on the challenges faced by communities fighting for their right to home and dignified living conditions in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Edited by Ana Vilenica, Aysegul Can, Derick Anderson, Erin McElroy, Judith Keller, Mara Ferreri, Melora Koepke, Samantha Thompson and myself.


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