Free books from Verso to understand Israel’s military industrial complex and current violence in Gaza

The shameless, violent continuation of the Israeli colonial project in Palestine leads to feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, and fear punctuated by anger and a deep sense of historical injustice.

Many are standing against the current destruction of Gaza, by occupying public spaces and demostranting dissent through direct actions (both practices are increasingly difficult in the current Western doxa). At this juncture, I believe practicing resistance means also studying. Studying to understand why, as many have recalled, the history of this conflict did not start on October the 7th. Studying to have the tools to grasp how the Israeli settler colonial project is the root of all evils in this matter. Studying as a practice of radical care toward ourselves and our Palestinian brothers and sisters, but also toward the people dissenting from within Israel.

To this end, Verso Books has put together an excellent list of free resources, which I believe should be circulated wide and large.

“These resources challenge much of the zionist ideology concerning the origins and identity of the contemporary state of Israel, as well as offering a clear history of the occupation, Israel’s military industrial complex, and this latest explosion of violence in Gaza.”

You can find the whole package here:

In solidarity.

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