Radical Housing Journal – first Call for Papers

    I am, together with a collective of 14 people spread around the world, launching the first call for papers for a new publication called the Radical Housing Journal. This is a horizontally managed, feminist and anti-racist publication aimed at academics and activists working around the fight for the right to housing worldwide. The … Read more

Against the financialisation of housing: protests and workshops in Bucharest (5-6 October)

As part of a European campaign promoted by the European Action Coalition aimed at raising awareness around the financialisation of housing, the Frontul Comun Pentru Drept la Locuire (of which I am part) has organised two days of activities on the 5th and 6th of October in Bucharest, Romania. These includes the launch of a … Read more

The best intro I ever received on class struggle: Il primo tragico Fantozzi

Today Paolo Villaggio passed away. Per-se, this is not big news. The Italian actor, author, director and comedian was 84 and he was not well known outside of the peninsula (and of course not everyone within it liked him!). The news, however, unsettled me for a simple reason: although Villaggio will be remembered also for … Read more

A inceput ploaia, ‘my’ first documentary. Why, when, and how.

A început ploaia is the first documentary about forced evictions in Bucharest, which I written, researched and directed after two years of ethnographic fieldwork, activism and engagement with evicted people in the city. The film follows the story of the Vulturilor 50 community (100 individuals), whom dwelt on the street of Bucharest from September 2014 … Read more

A psalm for Giulio Regeni and us

Today I went to the remembrance ceremony for Giulio Regeni, in front of the Italian embassy in London. Many Italian and British researchers were there. What happened to him could have happened to us and to all committed researchers like he was. We are all distressed and filled with hanger for what we perceive as … Read more

Housing racism on Open Democracy

Open Democracy has published the piece I wrote on Eviction and Housing Racism in Bucharest. The piece narrates the story of the Vulturilor community, which has been living on the street since 1 year following their eviction on the 15th of September 2014. You can read it here: https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/michele-lancione/eviction-and-housing-racism-in-bucharest The same piece was translated into Romanian … Read more

Negoiță the great: The non-public Major (On Vulturilor)

 (The text below is a reasoning about the above video, which can be also watched here) Today I woke up at 3am in order to get my flight back to Romania. I obviously was very tired tonight, having being around all day, but I decided to go to Vulturilor anyway. Good choice. Otherwise I would … Read more

Video in support of Vulturilor protest, Bucharest, Romania

I made a short video to support the protest against the Vulturilor eviction, in Bucharest, Romania (2014), of which I have written here. The protest will take place here: Protestul are loc la intersecția bd. Regina Elisabeta cu str. Academiei (lângă statuile de la Universitate), on the 30 of October, at 4pm. More info: facebook.com/events/818490454861195/ … Read more

Romania: Lucrului bine facut? (Some thoughts on the Vulturilor case)

I am in Bucuresti since one month and a half. I live in a very depressing block, in the souther periphery of the city, full of cockroaches and with water available at random times. But I like it: there is a 24h Covrigarie not far, a 24h magazin (where I buy beers and cigarettes), and … Read more

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