The Chance of Space

Tomorrow I will be presenting around the notion of “The Chance of Space”, at a workshop in UTS Business School. The presentation fits with my own work around the notion of space. You can watch it below.

The presentation aims to confront “space” itself, as pure matter (a quite ambitious task, indeed, which will be hardly achieved). The hypothesis is that because of loose or too strict understanding of the concept, most of the potential offered by space is not grasped and therefore flushed away. Engaging with the philosophical work of Deleuze and Guattari the presentation proposes a conception of space(time) as pure immanence, from which are derived the spatial contexts where social action is performed. Examples taken from movie theory, practices of recycling, photos experimenting, as well as other eclectic things, will help in claryfing the main point of the presentation: namely that space is never produced but only codified, extracted, and domesticated. Following this, the notion of the “chance of space” is introduced in order to highlight that every context always bear unknown potentialities beneath its codified surface. The concluding reflections argue for the importance of questioning the normative codes at play in the spaces that we practice, in order to release at least part of the revolutionary chances that space (and time) can still offer.

One of the last slides contains a video that I made to further unfold the notion of “The Chance of Space”, using as exemplification some materials taken from the Dr. Chau Chak Wing project. You can watch the video here.



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