Radical Housing Justice Within and Beyond Caring @Antipode

Here is a short commentary I wrote on a terrific special issue curated by Desiree Fields, Emma Power and Kenton Card on #housing #movements and #care

“Radical Housing Justice Within and Beyond Caring”


The issue contains insightful papers on radical Black organising for housing justice by Jessi Quizar, Akira Drake Rodriguez, Samantha Thompson, Brandi T. Summers and Desiree Fields.

New paper in Cultural Anthropology: Underground inscriptions

Out now in Cultural Anthropology a powerful colloquy on “Gestures of Care”, of which I’m flattered to be part of, together with my friends Lauren Cubellis, Lisa Stevenson, Ken MacLeish and Zoë Wool.

In there, I expand on the politics of care in underground Bucharest, of which I’ve written recently in IJURR too.

Thanks to Lauren for the amazing work of putting this together!

Free at http://tiny.cc/ruz7jz

Underground inscriptions
This essay examines the politics of home in underground Bucharest, and the ways relationships of care among homeless drug users emerge amid everyday violence and exclusion, illuminating the unconventional practices of belonging that take shape in transient communal spaces such as underground electric, transportation, and waste-management systems. The traces of systemic exclusion in these experiences converge in makeshift forms of kinship and care, provoking questions of solidarity, fragility, and the political potential of recognizing such forms through ethnographic collaboration.