Marseille, Marseille!

P1010259I have recently been to Marseille, for a very nice workshop on Marginality organised by Elisabetta Rosa. I did not have much time to experience the city, but I have to say that even in such short time Marseille captured me: amazing light, people, food, wine. I hope to go back there pretty soon! Below some pics.

Catania and Ragusa by night (pics)

Nun in Catania – ML

I have recently been to Catania and Ragusa, where I did some work for the fioPSD (Network Housing First Italia). While there, I also took some pics, mostly during late evening and night. These two cities are just great – Catania is a buzzy hub, a truly vitalist city; Ragusa (Ibla) is just beautiful, warm, colourful. Great places!

Here the pics of Catania (click on the gallery to enlarge)

And here the ones of Ragusa Ibla (click on the gallery to enlarge)

Few days in Perth


I spent a few days in Perth. Good beer (Little Creatures), and places (e.g. Fremantle). The Botanic Gardens are very nice too. And there is lot to learn from Fremantle’s prison. Pics are below.

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Icelandic photos


Below there are some of the photos I took in Iceland (almost a month ago). The photos have been taken near the lake Thingvallavatn, in Geysir, and in Reykjavik.

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Mexico City: The photos

The Che from the window of a small bus in Mexico City - Copyleft M Lancione
The Che from the window of a small bus in Mexico City – Copyleft M Lancione

Before going to the AAG in LA I have been visiting my dear friend Edu in Mexico City. What a great City! Full of life, colour, assemblages of all sorts – I would need to go back there, do some research, listen, touch… great place Mexico City! Below the photo album.

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Photo – Fenestrelle Fort


Fenestrelle 8

Today, just before leaving Italy for Australia, I have been to the Fenestrelle Fort. It is a very interesting place, the biggest fortress in Europe. Amazing. But the most amazing thing to me is to having shared this visit with my parents. A beautiful day, just before taking another plane.

Below there is a showcase of some of the pictures that I took.

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