A random list of living things I love

Today I am turning 40, and I am in love with so many living things. A random mix to feed the algorithm.

Chickpeas, with lemon | kneading pasta | the colours Yellow, Purple | trees | the continuous struggle with my body, and feeling well dressed | elephants | dozens of glitterous Maneki-neko aligned on my library | books, words, texts, Oban & Poetry | leaves, for many | men women none whichever in emancipatory sweat & desire | the struggle that ensues | Linux | silence | Britney | feeling through a camera lens, but must be Pentax | the care of my father and my mother | NAS King’s diseases, its arrogance, its class affirmation, how I feel it | pissing off institutions, and then fight | riding fast shouting at people & dogs | caffé corretto | my OCD with calendars | waking up and being with Leo.

I also love the fact of being a vegetarian for 21 years. I never say anything really about this but eating meat and fish is wrong | and there is that.

The  picture above, with my sis Silvia a few decades ago | and all that went through | including the sparkles of my nieces Laura & Bianca.

There is so much more in my ecologies of privilege, including incredible pain and effort in the past few years, but then also, so much of real radical care. I love that the words comrade, friend, brother, sister, lover, broker, and ‘struggle’, are all lexicons spoken throughout the days I walk into.

So, stupid algorithm, take all of this and then fuck you, and all the violence you are learning to replicate. I’ll keep on studying and trying to work otherwise.

A little news…

A little news decided in early 2020 but effective as of 1/21…
I am now full Professor/Chair in Urban Studies (Professore Ordinario in Studi Urbani) at the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield. Keep me in check for a wilder ride, for how I’ll exploit this position, for the collectivities I am indebted to & future ones.
There are too many to thanks – Francesca Governa sent me to do my PhD at the Geography Department at Durham Uni, where Ash Amin and Joe Painter started being my supervisors in 2008. There, I have learnt a lot from many, including the wonderful Colin McFarlane. I then moved to UTS in Sydney in 2011 (Stewart Clegg and his great bunch there!!), post-doc in Cambridge thanks to the Urban Studies Foundation in 2013 (sharing much with the great Tatiana Thieme and Esztiki Kovacs) and then a brief experience as lecturer in Geography at Cardiff in 2016. Thanks to all the ones I’ve encountered in this journey. At Sheffield I met so much support and so many wonderful people I can’t really thank them all here. It has been really a transformative place for me to be in. I will be forever in-debt with the support I received from John Flint and Ryan Powell, among many others, and most of all for the ones taken from my brother, friend and wild teacher AbdouMaliq Simone. Thank you, Maliq. And a huge thanks also to my USP colleagues, and in particular to that crazy bunch at the Urban Institute. Thank you, Simon Marvin, Beth Perry, Vanesa Castan Broto, Jonathan SIlver, Aidan While, for making it collective.
A massive thanks goes also to ‘my’ PhD students, Stephanie Lacey, Martyna Piliszewska, Sri Suryani, Francesca Guarino, Victoria Ogọegbunam Okoye, Eirini Glynou-Lefaki for teaching me so much and to Rowland Atkinson, Ryan Powell, Paula Meth and Alberto Vanolo for teaching me how to supervise! I also want to thank the AMAZING community of ECRs in Urban Studies we set up at Sheffield: too many, too strong, to mention you all. But what we achieved there, in terms of horizontal solidarities across post-docs is really important, so thank you for that.
There are collectives I shared pickets with, others inspired a journey (Institute on Inequality and Democracy), some I spent so much love to set up (Radical Housing Journal) or revamp (City – Analysis of Urban Change, Theory and Action) or live through streets (Frontul Comun pentru Dreptul la Locuire) — thank you, Nicoleta Visan, Veda Popovici, Ioana Florea & many more) —
— These are the reasons to continue.
Finally, 2020 has been a year of much family loss and pain. I am blessed, in my every day, to have Leo with me. In 2021 there will be changes, to stay closer to my sis and to life, to open new errands. I’ll keep on reminding myself of the privilege I have —
— Avanti!