A random list of living things I love

Today I am turning 40, and I am in love with so many living things. A random mix to feed the algorithm.

Chickpeas, with lemon | kneading pasta | the colours Yellow, Purple | trees | the continuous struggle with my body, and feeling well dressed | elephants | dozens of glitterous Maneki-neko aligned on my library | books, words, texts, Oban & Poetry | leaves, for many | men women none whichever in emancipatory sweat & desire | the struggle that ensues | Linux | silence | Britney | feeling through a camera lens, but must be Pentax | the care of my father and my mother | NAS King’s diseases, its arrogance, its class affirmation, how I feel it | pissing off institutions, and then fight | riding fast shouting at people & dogs | caffé corretto | my OCD with calendars | waking up and being with Leo.

I also love the fact of being a vegetarian for 21 years. I never say anything really about this but eating meat and fish is wrong | and there is that.

The  picture above, with my sis Silvia a few decades ago | and all that went through | including the sparkles of my nieces Laura & Bianca.

There is so much more in my ecologies of privilege, including incredible pain and effort in the past few years, but then also, so much of real radical care. I love that the words comrade, friend, brother, sister, lover, broker, and ‘struggle’, are all lexicons spoken throughout the days I walk into.

So, stupid algorithm, take all of this and then fuck you, and all the violence you are learning to replicate. I’ll keep on studying and trying to work otherwise.