Video ethnography

Doing the first rough cut of ‘A inceput ploaia’ (May 2016)

Since 2014, I am increasingly moving toward the use of visual methods in my work. In particular I have been using video as a tool to produce documentaries that are meaningful for the people I encounter and work with. One example in this sense is my first feature documentary on forced evictions and the fight for housing in Bucharest, called ‘A inceput ploaia‘ (It started raining) (2017). All info on the film can be found at, but you can read about the process of making it and watch the trailer of the movie at this page.

In 2017 I also founded my ‘own’ production company, called A Community Productions, of which you see the logo below. Please refer to the company website for more info on our video-ethnographic works and to find out how you can work with us.