Joining dock workers in Genova for a public talk and demonstration against the war industries

If you are in Genoa this Thursday 31st March, I will be at a demonstration and public debate with the comrades of the Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali thanks to a very kind invitation from them.

The comrades of CALP have been striking for years to stop, among others, the Saudi ships that pass through the port of Genoa to bring weapons to Yemen. Some of them, for their anti-fascism and for their anti-militarism have also been prosecuted, as criminals, by the local judiciary.

I will bring my solidarity, and talk about Fortress Europe, Frontex, armaments and the role of Universities in these industries of death.


Against all imperialism. Europe must open its borders

Much of what I think around Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is contained is this powerful text from a group of Russian anarchists, appeared on CrimeThink.

I would only like to add two points. First, Western sanctions to Putin are a joke. The only one that could have meant something (on SWIFT) is too damaging to our financial extractivism, so it becomes a no-no.

Second, Europe left Ukraine alone, since 8 years already. Now the only priority must be toward Ukrainian refugees. No more camps. No more damming bureaucracy. No more unsafe routes and violence.

All borders opened, and full asylum, now!


Crisi dimenticate

Anche quest’anno MSF (Medici senza frontiere) ha presentato il suo “rapporto sulle crisi dimenticate”. “Il rapporto comprende la “top ten” delle crisi umanitarie più gravi e ignorate dai media a livello internazionale nel 2008 – top ten compilata da Medici Senza Frontiere – e un’analisi realizzata dall’Osservatorio di Pavia sullo spazio dedicato dai principali telegiornali italiani alle crisi umanitarie nel 2008”.
E’ un documento importante, che fa luce non solo su quelle crisi, ma anche sui meccanismi della nostra informazione italica.
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