My first book: Rethinking Life at the Margins

Rethinking life at the margins_Cover

After two years of intense work with 13 exceptionally talented scholars, my first book is finally out for Routledge! Rethinking Life at the Margins. The Assemblage of Contexts, Subjects and Politics is not a definite statement around marginalisation but an exercise in post-categorical and processual thinking. Beside my theoretical introduction, where I lay out the assemblage-approach that drives my research around the urban margins, the book is packed with in-depth ethnographies of life at the margins from the Global North and the South, the city and the rural, the body and the virtual spaces of the web. I am proud of this book and, most of all, proud of the people that wrote for it.

The book has been positively reviewed by Colin McFarlane and Edgar Pieterse, whom I thank very much for their kind assessments:

This excellent collection brings a new focus to an enduring and vital question: how is urban marginality produced, lived and contested? […] An important contribution to debates on urban life and inequality’ Colin McFarlane, Durham University, UK

‘This impressive volume, with its masterful introduction, is illuminating and essential reading for urbanists determined to rethink and remake the city anew.’ Edgar Pieterse, University of Cape Town, South Africa

To have a look at its content, you can click here. If you want to purchase a copy, please follow this link and insert the code ‘ASHGATE230’ to receive a 50% discount on the hardback price. For anything else, including reviews or queries, feel free to write to me at ml710[at] . Finally, here you can download a promotional flier of the book. Enjoy!

Content (running heads): (1) Michele Lancione, The assemblage of life at the margins; (2) Kavita Ramakrishnan, Grand visions fizzle on the margins of Delhi; (3) Francesca Governa and Matteo Puttilli, After a revolution: Tunis; (4) Mark Tirpak, Tasty vehicles: San Antonio; (5) AbdouMaliq Simone, Cities that are just cities; (6) Tawhanga Mary-Legs Nopera, Under heartbeat city’s golden sun; (7) Tatiana Thieme, Hustling and belonging in Nairobi slums; (8) Gaja Maestri, From nomads to squatters in Rome; (9) Jean-Baptiste Lanne, The machine and the poet; (10) Francisco Calafate-Faria, Marginal attachment and countercycling; (11) Eszter Krasznai Kovács, The ‘differentiated countryside’; (12) Elisabetta Rosa, Marginality as resource?; (13) Cheryl Gilge, Citizen participation as microfacism; (14) Darren J. Patrick, Between the Fool and the World.

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