VIDEO: Eurozone migrants head to Switzerland


Chi puo’ va a mangiar la cioccolata. Gli altri, – .

“gelato al cioccolato dolce e un po’ salato
tu, gelato al cioccolato
un bacio al cioccolato io te l’ho rubato
tu, gelato al cioccolato”

(Pupo, Docet)

VIDEO: Eurozone migrants head to Switzerland: “Rising unemployment and cuts in salaries across large parts of the eurozone are leading many citizens to look for work beyond its borders, to countries like Switzerland.”

(Via BBC Europe.)

Silvio’s Wonderland


Berlusconi said he will resign after a major vote that will take place in the two different chambers, in approximately 15 days.

I’m not going to trust his intention till I see his resignation with my eyes.
This is Berlusconi. He creates a fake reality, a simulacrum, where Italy sinks like a boot in the mud. Great and pathetic at the same time. Wonderful: Silvio’s wonderland. 

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