Geography, Theory and Practice – Module syllabus 2022/2023

In the PDF below, you can find the syllabus for my Master-level module on Geography, Theory and Practice. The module offers an introduction to critical geographical thinking, with particular reference to how it developed in the past decades in Anglophone Geography.

The aim is to provide a concise, yet rich, introduction to a number of key concerns related to the critical understanding of space, place, scale and related processes. Key notions and approaches derived from political economy, relational spatial thinking, critical gender and race studies, political ecology will be presented and discussed. The course mixes frontal lectures with moments of in-depth reading of academic texts, as well as discussion of contemporary societal issues at the global scale.

The final part of the module provides a glance at some of the most common qualitative research methods in Human Geography, analysing their ethical implications and the role of Academics in the (re)production of unjust spaces.

Teaching modality: in presence, in Turin

Dates: Starting 26th Sept 2022, Ending 5th December 2022

For whom: Students part of the Interuniversity Master Degree in Geography, and any other student who will choose this module as a free option in their curricula.

Language: English.

Download the syllabus: here, or read the PDF below.


Geography theory and practice_Program_2022-23_ML

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