New paper: Beyond Homelessness Studies

The European Journal of Homelessness (published by the European Observatory of HomelessnessFEANTSA) has just released the 10 years anniversary issue of the Journal. The issue contains contributions from leading homelessness scholars in Europe, including Nicholas Pleace, Lars Benjaminsen, Marcus Knutagård, Boróka Fehér , Nóra Teller, Vassilis Arapoglou, Dennis Culhane, Nicolas Herault, Guy Johnson and Mike Allen. 

I was kindly invited by the main Editor, Eoin O’Sullivan, to contribute to this anniversary issue with a concluding piece. My paper, provocatively entitled ‘Beyond Homelessness Studies’ is an invitation for more plural, action-oriented and interdisciplinary scholarly interventions on homelessness. 

You can read the whole special issue here, and download my paper on this website, on the EJH’s webpage, or on Critiques and comments are more than welcome (clock here to contact me)!

Check out also the Call for Paper for the EJH’s 2017 research conference in Barcelona, where I’ll be one of the keynote speakers.


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