we are all Gaza

In Berlin there is a dress I wanna buy for you
it is a kind of sweet wool short skirt
it is something I saw passing through the scheme
of the street
through all my day here
through my fingers
when I type, when I tease the tablecloth at
home, my mum cooking,
a new pancake a new sugary thought
just for me as human being
all my day here
studying and thinking and nothing
my chair my desk the blank well balanced wall
I get up today and I thought
to crash my head
violently violently purple and again
break of teeth
blood on mouth
salty taste of angriness
crash crash crash smash, with so much to
say and to do
I’m loosing
I’m a looser,
time is passing and I’m just doing what is expected from me
and I wanna I thought to crash
let’s take
let’s fly to berlin just for a dress
Saw by a window
as a war that is just a kind of terror for
shy smelly
palestinian kids
It is the right moment now to go and take it.

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