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Edited volumes

Lancione, M. ed., 2016. Rethinking Life at the Margins. The Assemblage of Contexts, Subjects and Politics, London: Routledge.

Ethnographic Films
Lancione M. (2017) A început ploaia (It started raining). A feature documentary around evictions and the fight for housing in Bucharest, Romania. Cardiff: A Community Productions. Available from:

Academic papers

Lancione, M. (2017). Revitalising the uncanny : Challenging inertia in the struggle against forced evictions. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

Lancione, M. (2016) Racialised dissatisfaction: Homeless management and the everyday assemblage of difference, Transactions of the Institute of the British Geographers, 41, 363-375.

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Lancione, M. (2015). Housing First: Successo, Modelli E Sfide Politiche (Housing First: Success, Models and Policy Challenges). Psicologia Di Comunità, no. 2, 23–40.

Lancione, M. (2014), Entanglements of faith: Discourses, practices of care and homeless people in an Italian city of Saints, Urban Studies, DOI: 10.1177/0042098013514620

Lancione, M. (2014), Assemblages of care and the analysis of public policies on homelessness in Turin, Italy, City, 18:1, 25-40

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Lancione, M. (2013), Introduction: Telescopic Urbanism and the Urban Poor: Symposium, City, 17:4, p. 474-75

Lancione, M. (2013), Truthful social science or: how we learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, (Critical review of B. Flybvjerg “Real Social Science. Applied Phronesis”), The Journal of Political Power, 6:1, p. 147-155

Lancione, M., Clegg, S.R., (2013), The chronotopes of change: Actor-networks in a changing Business School, The Journal of Change Management, 13:2, p. 117–142 -> The article has been nominated as one of the 5 best papers at the EGOS 2013 conference 

Cunha, P.M., Rego, A., Clegg, S. and Lancione, M. (2012), Organizing a utopian State of Exception: The case of the S-21 extermination camp, Phnom Penh, The Journal of Political Power, 5:2, p. 279-299

Lancione, M. (2010)  “Giustizia sociale, spazio e città” (Social justice, space and the city), in Rivista Geografica Italiana, 117 (4), pp. 625-652 – in Italian

Governa, F., De Luca, A., Lancione, M. (2009)  “Le politiche della casa in Europa” (Housing policies in Europe), in Rivista Geografica Italiana, 116 (3) – in Italian


Book reviews

Lancione, M. (2016) “Unfolding the surface of occupation” (book review of A. Vasudevan, 2015, Metropolitan Preoccupations), Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, available here.

Lancione, M. (2012) “Architecture in the space of flows” (book review), by Ballantyne, A., and Smith, C.L., Construction management and economics, 30(3), 253-255 – in English

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Lancione, M. (2008) “Scenari strategici (book review), by Magnaghi, A., Rivista Geografica Italiana, 115(4), 2008 – in Italian


Essays in edited volumes

Lancione, M., 2016. The City and “the Homeless”: Machinic Subjects. In H. Frichot, C. Gabrielsson, & J. Metzger, eds. Deleuze and the City. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Lancione, M., and McFarlane, C., (2016). “Infrastructural becoming: sanitation and the (un)making of life at the margins”. In: I. Farías and B. Anders, eds., Urban Cosmopolitics. London: Routledge, pp. 45-62

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Lancione, M. (2015), “Context. Experiencing the City”, in Naar, L. and Clegg, S., Gehry in Sydney. The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, UTS, Images Publishing, Mulgrave, pp. 17-32

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Governa, F., Lancione, M. (2010), La città del sociale: dalle immagini come retoriche alle “non-rappresentazioni” come pratiche (A “social” city: from the use of images as rhetoric to practice of “non-representation”), in Santangelo, Vanolo “Di capitale importanza”, Carocci, Roma – in Italian

De Luca, A., Lancione, M. (2010), La nuova questione abitativa: disagio, politiche e territorio urbano (The new housing question: discomfort, policies and urban space), in Santangelo, Vanolo “Di capitale importanza”, Carocci, Roma – in Italian

Lancione, M. (2008), Gipsies and urban policies: among problems and ambiguities, depth analysis box in “L’Italia delle città: tra malessere e trasfigurazione”, Società Geografica Italiana, Roma – in Italian

Lancione, M. (2008), Social housing in European Union (15) and the role of the cities, depth analysis box in “L’Italia delle città: tra malessere e trasfigurazione”, Società Geografica Italiana, Roma – in Italian


Conference keynote
Forthcoming Keynote presentation at the European Observatory on Homelessness Conference in Barcelona, September 2017
Keynote presentation on ‘Housing First’ at the international conference ‘X Statagemma. La prevenzione nella scuola e nella comunità: rigenerare la qualità della vita’, Padova, 25 June 2015

Workshops and seminars (Invited)
Invited guest speaker at the British Academy event ‘Habitat and Living in Plural Cities’, London, March 2017
“Committed Ethnographies. Screening a film about forced eviction in Bucharest, Romania”, UCL Urban Lab and UCL Migration Research Unit, UCL, London, February 2017
Invited guest lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano, speaking on urban marginality and homelessness, Italy, January 2017
Invited guest lecturer at the University of Florence, speaking on urban ethnography and marginality, Italy, November 2016
Invited speaker at the event ‘Cities: ensuring prosperity, equality and well-being’, Cardiff University, November 2016
“Rethinking Life at the Margins”, book launch at the Department of Geography, Durham University and the Centre for Urban Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, October 2016
“Eviction, Enactment and Entanglement: ‘Inertia Creep’ and Committed Positioning at the Urban Margins”, School of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield, March 2016
“The infra-structure of togetherness in underground Bucharest”, seminar delivered in the School of Geographical Science, University of Bristol, February 2016
“Inertia creep: Eviction, Enactment, Entanglement”, seminar delivered at the Department of Geography, Durham University, 10 June 2015
“On committed positioning”, presentation at the international workshop ‘De la marginalité (urbaine) Une notion démodée?’, Marseille, 22-23 June 2015
“Marginal Cities”, presentation at the Urban Studies Foundation, Glasgow, 30 April 2015
“A-cad presentation” at the Academy of Urban Super-Diversity, Berlin, 6-7 April 2015
“Etnografia urbana oggi. Quattro riflessioni metodologiche”, panel discussion at the event ‘Entrare dentro la citta’, essere dentro la citta”, Turin, 30 January 2015
“Urban becoming: (un)making life at the margins”, with Colin McFarlane, presented at the ‘Urban Cosmopolitics’ workshop, Berlin, 5 December 2014
“How is Homelessness? Assemblage thinking and the de-institutionalisation of homelessness”, presented at the KU INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES, Space – Society – Economy, Eichstatt-Ingolstadt University, 5 November 2014
“On ne vit pas que de parole. Questioni di rappresentazione”, reasoning around the web-research ‘Al Centro di Tunisi’, Rome, 16 October 2014
“Housing First, So What?”, presentation at the Summer School of the Itlaian Network on Housing First, Ragusa, 22-26 June 2014
“The city and the marginal wo/man”, presentation in the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, 14 May 2014
“Context, Subject and Space”, Ethnography panel with Barbara Czarniawska, CMOS, University of Technology of Sydney, 12 November 2013
“The politics of becoming (geo) ethnographer”, CMOS, University of Technology of Sydney, 29 May 2013
“Postcards from the city of the homeless subjects“, University of Western Sydney, Institute of Culture and Society, 07 March 2013
“The chance of space“, UTS Business School, Sydney, 13 December 2012
“Postcards from the city of the homeless subjects“, Macquarie University, Department of Geography, 27 November 2012
“The more-than-human city of the homeless subject”, DAB (Design, Architecture and Building), University of Technology of Sydney, 8 May 2012
“Gli homeless e la città del non umano”. Alghero, Facoltà di Architettura, 10 Marzo 2011, Geografia, poststrutturalismo e spazio sociale
“Workshop on Social justice and the city” in Durham, 5 May 2010, “Social justice, space, and the city: from an explicit public ethic to the study of spatial relation”
“Workshop on Geographies of Work” in Durham, 16-17 September 2009, “The spaces of home prostitution in Turin: describing geographies of work”

Conference organizer, discussant and panelist
Organiser of a panel, chaired by Vicky Lawson, on “‘A început ploaia’: Screening a movie about forced evictions, Roma people and resistance in Bucharest (Romania)”, 2017 AAG meeting, Boston, 2-9 April 2017
Organiser, with Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, of a panel on “The makeshifts of evictions, occupations and resistance” at the 2017 AAG meeting, Boston, 2-9 April 2017
Organiser of an impact-oriented workshop around ‘Housing First’ with representative of the Welsh Government and of third-sector organisations working with homeless people in Wales, Cardiff University, 3rd April, 2017
Organiser, with Milena Klausner, of two sessions on “The everyday makeshifts of life at the urban margins” at the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF) conference, Göttingen (Germany) 26th-30th March, 2017
Organiser of a panel around “Rethinking Life at the Margins” at the 2016 RGS-IBG conference, London
Discussant in the session “Housing is a verb” at the 2016 RGS-IBG conference, London
Organiser, with Elisabetta Rosa, of two sessions on Ethnography at the Urban Margins, at the 2016 EURA Conference in Turin, Italy
Organiser, with Francisco Calafate-Faria, of four sessions and one panel on Urban Dark Matter at the AAG 2016 in San Francisco
Guest discussant of the research project ‘Approaching chronicity in mental health care: the doings of a classification and its infrastructures’ during a one-day event at the Institute for European Ethnology, Humboldt-University of Berlin, November 2015
Organiser, with Tatiana Thieme and Elisabetta Rosa, of two sessions on The city and the margins, at the 2015 RGS-IBG conference in Exeter, UK
Organiser, with Natasha Slutskaya and Ruth Simpson, of one session on Embodied Practices and Sensitive Spaces at the 2015 APROS-EGOS conference in Sydney, Australia
Panelist in the session “Micropolitics and the Minor”, alongside Cindi Katz, Kathryn Yusoff, Ben Anderson and Andrew Barry), Chicago, AAG Annual Meeting 2015, April 2015
Discussant in the session “Assembling Power: Connections and disjunctures in the works of Foucault and Latour”, Chicago, AAG Annual Meeting 2015, April 2015
Discussant in the session “Urban Homelessness: Perception, Representation, and Theory”, , Chicago, AAG Annual Meeting 2015, April 2015
Co-Organiser of the 2014’s CRASSH City Seminar Series, ‘The Margins of the City’, at the University of Cambridge (
Organizer of three sessions on Urban Marginality and Assemblage Thinking at the 2014 AAG conference in Tampa, Florida
Discussant in the session “Between the Punitive and the Supportive I: Urban Social Policy’s ‘Messy Middle Ground”, 12 April 2013, AAG annual meeting, Los Angles, US

Conference papers
“Video-ethnography and research-activism at the urban margins”, AAG, Boston, April 2017
“The Challenge of ‘Housing First’. What is it and may it be relevant for Wales?”, Wales Housing Research Conference 2016, Cardiff university, December 2016
“The Politics of Marginal Experiences”, RGS-IBG 2016 conference in London, Aug-Sept 2016
“Going in, out, through: A dialogue around long skirts, fried chips, frozen shacks and the makeshifts of ethnography”, with Elisabetta Rosa, EURA 2016 conference in Turin, June 2016
“Urban Dark Matter. A Geographical Exploration”, AAG conference in San Francisco, April 2016
“Organising Resistance. A movie about eviction, enactment, entanglement in the case of Roma people in Bucharest, Romania”, APROS-EGOS conference, Sydney, Australia, December 2015
“The infra-structure of injectable drugs in underground Bucharest”, Exeter, RGS-IBG Conference, September 2015
“Inertia creep: Eviction, Enactment, Entanglement”, Chicago, AAG Annual Meeting 2015, April 2015
“Spaces of management and liberation: On diversity, difference and the homeless subject”, Paris, EURA conference ‘City Futures’, June 2014
“The City and the Marginal Wo/man. Pathways to the Marginal Subject”, Tampa, AAG Annual Meeting 2014, April 2014
“Walking the creative (and diverse) city. Abstract machines at play in the making of a pedestrian network in Sydney, Australia”, Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, 1-5 July 2013, Perth, Australia
“Abstract Machine”, City/State Workshop, Minerva Humanities Center atTel Aviv University, 21-24 June 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel
“The Global Financial Crisis and the New Architecture of Business Education”, 5th Nordic Geographers’ meeting, 11-14 June 2013, Reykjavík, Iceland
“Walking the creative city. Abstract machines at play in the making of a pedestrian network in beautiful Sydney, Australia”, AAG annual meeting, 9-14 April 2013, Los Angeles, US
“They are different that become diverse. Homelessness and the micro engineering of diversity”, “15th APROS Conference” 15-17 February 2013, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan – In English
“Different living in difference. The micro-politics of diversity among homeless people”, “International Conference on Living with Difference” 12-13 September 2012, Marriott Hotel, Leeds, UK
“The global, the local and the production of territory. Or: How a Business School creates (new?) organizational patterns to answer to (old?) neoliberal crisis”, 7th Annual Ethnography Symposium, University of Liverpool, 29th-31st August 2012
“The chronotopes of change. Actor-networks of a changing Business School” (with Stewart Clegg). Helsinki, EGOS, July 2012
“Schizoanalysis of the Homeless Subject”. New York, AAG Annual Meeting 2012, Feb. 2012
“Practicing Space Organizing the Future. The Chance of Space for Organizational Theory”. Auckland, APROS, The 14th Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies, Nov 29-Dec 1 2011
“25 years of Methapors” in Turin, 26 Nov. 2010, “Representing methaphors” with Matteo Puttilli
“ALGC: Politics Space” in Durham, 6-7 May 2010, “Urban space of exception for biopolitical control”
“ISA International housing conference” in Glasgow, 1-4 September 2009, “The contemporary housing question in Turin: Issues, policies and urban space”, with Alberta De Luca
“Decennial of Cafoscarina’s seminars” in Venice, 6-7 November 2008, “Social justice, space and the city: a geographical contribute”
“11th EURA conference” in Milano, 9-11 October 2008, “Social housing and cohesion: policies, practise, and housing problems in Turin”, paper presented with Alberta De Luca
“XXX Italian Geographical Congress” in Florence, 10-12 September 2008, “The housing hardship in Turin: problem, answer and geographical evidences”

Lancione, M. (2011-awarded 2012) Homeless subjects and the chance of space. A more-than-human geography of homelessness in Turin (Unpublished Ph.D. thesis). Durham University
Lancione, M. (2008) Giustizia sociale, spazio e città. (Social justice, space and the city). (Unpublished Master Degree Thesis in Urban Geography). University of Turin
Lancione, M. (2005) Bucarest. La strada, la casa. (Bucharest. The street, the home). (Unpublished Bachelor degree thesis). University of Turin

Research reports
Lancione, M. (2015), “Harm Reduction and Case Management, Notes for Carusel”, Bucharest
Lancione, M. (2014), “Housing First, So What?”, critical literature review prepared for the Network ‘Housing First Italy’
Lancione, M. (2008), “A bibliographical review of the housing problem in Europe: gaps, ambiguities and potential”, EUPOLIS-DITer, Turin
Lancione, M. (2008), “Territorial analysis of the Province of Varese”, DITer, Turin
Lancione, M. (2007), “Solidarity Buildings in Turin”, in Fourth peer review thematic workshop report, UrbAct UrbHealth, Turin
Lancione, M. (2007), “An office for Roma people”, in Turinin Fourth peer review thematic workshop report, UrbAct UrbHealth, Turin
De Luca, A., Governa, F., Lancione, M., Servillo, L. (2007), Turin: the housing problem as a problem of social justice, EUPOLIS-DITer, Turin

Other writings, interviews and visual arts
2017 – Release of my feature ethnographic documentary about forced evictions against Roma people in Bucharest, Romania, entitled ‘A început ploaia’ (It started to rain). The documentary is one of the outcomes of the research-activism undertaken in Bucharest in 2014/15. Info at
2016 – Written introduction to the photographic book ‘Inside, Outside, Under Bucharest’ by photographers Massimo Branca and Ivan Marchesan. I met Massimo and Ivan while doing fieldwork in Bucharest and we shared the same ethnographic perspective on the life of people living in the underground canals of Gara de Nord.
2015 – My piece entitled ‘Eviction and Housing Racism in Bucharest’ has been published by Open Democracy on the 14th of September, 2015. Available at: The same piece was translated into Romanian and published by ‘TOTB’. Available at:
2015 – Interviewed by and collaborated with Max Daly for the piece ‘Bucharest’s Drug-Addicted Roma Are Being Left to Rot’, published on VICE US. Available at:
2015 – Interviewed for the piece ‘In Search of a Drug Consumption Room – The Open Veins of Drug Users’, published in Romanian and English on Drug Link. Available online at:
2014 – A couple of my pictures were used by AlJazeera’s journalist Paul Brennan to complete his video reportage of the evicted people of Vulturilor st, in Bucharest, Romania. They can be found in this video:
2014 – “Romania, Lucruilui Bine Facut”, Thinkpiece on housing policy and political situation in Romania before 2014’s election. Available online at:
2013 – “How is homelessness? Objects, codes, and poetry to re-imaging what we are talking about”, Paper on homelessness for a street-based magazine in the UK, The Nervemeter, (distributed in London). Available online at: (in English)
2012 – “I senza dimora a Torino. Alcune note di campo” (Homelessness in Turin. Field-notes). Policy paper address to the private and public services providers for homelessness in Turin. Available online at (In Italian)
2012 – Radio Flash, Turin: Interview on the homelessness situation in the city. Available online at (In Italian)
2011 – “Il Numero 1”, Novel based on my PhD dissertation on homelessness. Turin, Eris Edizioni (