Other writings, interviews, activism


Writings and interviews for general public

Here I collected writings and interviews aimed at connecting my academic research to the general public. These includes papers written for policy makers, and some of the more recent writings for E-zine or other magazines.


Networking and activism

I believe in research that goes beyond Academia, speaking new languages. I believe in Open Source. In networking. In common work. In activism. Here are some of my activities beyond the academy:

  • (2014/15) Support of evicted people in Bucharest, Romania. Activism and volunteering for the community, and design, organisation and maintenance of their blog (www.jurnaldinvulturilor50.org)
  • (2014) Collaboration with NGO Carusel in Bucharest, Romania, through volunteering with marginalised groups (drug users, evicted people, sex workers), photographic work, and ad-hoc support on research activities
  • (2014) Collaboration with fioPSD (the Italian Federation of the Organisation Working with Homeless People) on the implementation/evaluation of the Housing First network in Italy
  • (2012-3) Organiser of an informal Forum on urbanism in Sydney, Australia, which tried to connect academic research about cities with the broader public
  • (2011) Writing and disseminating a novel about homelessness in Italy, based on real facts, in order to increase awareness on the inappropriateness of policy-response (‘Il Numero 1′, Eris Edizioni)
  • (2010) Active supporter of the network Forum of Concerned Citizens of Europe (web-design, research of material, participation to debates)



A inceput ploaia – Trailer (ENG) from A Community Productions on Vimeo.


  • Presenting my research – Assembling Life at the Margins (at the Urban Studies Foundation, Glasgow, April 2015)


The Chance of Space from michele Lancione on Vimeo.